Goods carrier

Product carriers for individual sales promotion, for a sophisticated, high-quality presentation of your products. Merchandise display actually means anything that puts an item in the spotlight for presentation in a prominent focus as a sales-promoting measure. Acrylic displays are particularly suitable for this purpose because their transparency does not distracts from the product and yet radiates a simple elegance. elegance. Shoe racks shaped in a U-stand design are a particularly a particularly popular tool for sales promotion, e.g. to introduce selected e.g. to present selected brands to your customers. Whether with multi-level decorative staircases or metre-long sales showcases, on acrylic merchandise stands, as as book stands and counter displays, can no longer be dispensed with modern shop window design.

VITAdisplays® offers you not only decoration aids, merchandise supports and presentation stands for a professional product presentation at the point of sale. Sales aids such as shoe stands, presentation displays, book stands, jewellery stands or plate stands, made from made of high-quality acrylic glass (PLEXIGLAS®), represent only a small of our product range. We are also happy to manufacture individual product carriers and sales displays made of acrylic. acrylic. VITAdisplays® product displays and decorative stands have become a have become a proven sales aid for many well-known companies. companies. Here you will find sales displays in all variations and for every purpose. If you wish, you can also have them printed with 5C digital printing. digital printing.