Advertising display

The world of advertising displays is colourful and varied. Here you will find acrylic table stands and aluminium poster stands as advertising stands in all DIN formats and variations. Certain standards have been established for the term advertising stand. First and foremost, acrylic stands are used as table stands such as L stands or T stands, as information stands or for price labelling. L-displays made of clear acrylic glass can be seen everywhere nowadays. The use of a mobile display in PLEXIGLAS® quality is convincing. T-stands are often used as menu holders in restaurants. Their smaller colleagues are the practical DIN A7, DIN A8 and DIN A9 formats. Indispensable in sales for price labelling as price tag holders. If you use table displays and price holders made of high-quality PLEXIGLAS®, the use with open foodstuffs is absolutely unproblematic, because our displays are food-safe (if marked accordingly).

Whether you want an L-shaped display for for use as a tabletop display or as a floor display, the range of choice at VITAdisplays® is almost there are hardly any limits. They are easy to clean and made of e.g. clear PLEXIGLAS® (acrylic) or polystyrene, from our own production Made in Germany and in the standard formats formats DIN A6, DIN A5, DIN A4 or DIN A1, but also in all other DIN formats. available. The professional presentation of your marketing materials leaves a positive impression on your your prospects and customers if you present customer information clearly! customer information! Product and price information is most effective when it is information is placed close to the customer or in the customer's path. customers. Information and application examples on the subject of advertising displays can be found in our blog.