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, thanks go back. Here are a few excerpts.
Thanks again ... there is another way ! (Jasmin from Bennetal)
Nowadays, metres of glossy magazines are offered on the subject of shop fittings and office furnishings. Now and then you can implement a few good ideas, but for most shop fitting projects you need a carpenter or joiner to implement your concepts. We retailers are all familiar with this. In no time at all the budget is overdrawn. But this is now my second shop, it has become really pretty (I'm sending pictures for your company blog), thanks in the end to your great advice and the selection of transparent merchandise supports. They just go with every item. There's a brochure rack next to the till (I have to refill the flyers all the time), an info rack next to the booths and everything is full of the funny little price tag holders. Ordered the promotional displays for the sales counter today, joy joy joy....
Darn this selection (Karen from Magdeburg)
Here I am, poor thing, a customer with nowhere to go. My call for customer service is quickly answered. That was another adventure. Can anyone tell me what these Plexi stands are really called? I google my fingers sore over variants and lo and behold I end up at vita-displays. Sure, everything is there, but where do I start digging??? Yes, I dared and called. Honestly, my shopping basket was full to bursting in two minutes. They're actually called plexiglass displays, I've learned, but there seem to be a few other names as well. Oh yes, thank you very much, because shopping here with you was really not difficult at all.
Now that's an offer(Winnie from Berlin)
Thanks to your marketing support and the not at all boring training on the use of advertising materials in retail, gastronomy and industry, my small print shop has become a respectable marketplace for advertising stands, brochure stands and customer stoppers. I didn't think my poster and sign prints would sell so much better. But that's how it is. A good information sign is nothing without the corresponding glossy poster. And vice versa. I present my advertising prints, place cards and menus in the right table display. Acrylic displays made of PLEXIGLAS® are the perfect display and just the right thing for my showroom. My last exhibition stand was a colourful success. Presenting well. No problem with the range of flyer stands.
Your "East card holders" fit perfectly (Torwin from Halle / Saale)
And that's how it started. I was looking for a postcard stand and didn't know what to type in, so I tried a few words and then forgot the "P" in postcard stand. And that's how I found your Eastern postcard stands. Obviously the same thing happened to your shop team. To err is human. And in this case successful. The postcard holder is of good quality and my A6 formats fit perfectly.