Shop fittings

Nowadays, almost everything that is part of daily life is offered in the form of shop fittings. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to shop window design. We would like to present a small selection of supplementary articles for the presentation of your goods and exhibits, which should not be missing from any promotionally effectively placed and decorated offer. You can achieve a professional presentation effect by using decorative aids such as product carriers made of high-quality PLEXIGLAS®, such as acrylic blocks for jewellery presentation or such as U-shaped stands for sales promotion, counter tops to protect your food or book stands and mobile phone stands for presentation. On request, we also offer custom-made products such as display cases or showcases and bonnets for your individual interior design and as sales aids.

As an information-rich addition, we recommend the use of our sign holders as price holders and information displays. Here, the range extends from small, inexpensive price sign holders to our high-quality advertising displays, e.g. made of transparent acrylic glass or aluminium, to support your sales activities. Promote your offer professionally and in a space-saving way with product holders and display stands from VITAdisplays®.