At VITAdisplays® we only use high-quality branded acrylic glass and have chosen PLEXIGLAS® as our material. Nowadays, almost every transparent plastic is called Plexi or Plexiglas for short, but this is actually a very specific brand of high-quality acrylic glass. There may be various acrylic glass manufacturers, but the market leader Röhm offers the most extensive product range with its PLEXIGLAS® XT and GS products. What's more, these are certified acrylics made in Germany, which, depending on the grade, can also be used safely with open foodstuffs. An important aspect, considering that counter tops or food displays are mostly made of transparent acrylic. Our range of shoe racks or acrylic blocks must also meet its high demands as goods carriers in retail or gastronomy. We would also be pleased to manufacture your individual presentation stand or acrylic glass blank in the colour and material thickness of your choice.

PLEXIGLAS® is the material of our choice. With PLEXIGLAS® we have material for our advertising displays and information stands. information displays. Flexible and changeable! As early as the 1930s, the company Röhm & Haas AG (today Röhm GmbH) introduced this unbreakable, plastic on the market, which set new accents with its glass-like character, it set new accents. Today the use of PLEXIGLAS® is used in industry, advertising, architecture and art. and it is impossible to imagine life without it. Due to the of advertising displays, information stands and merchandise display stands and product carriers, we have a wide range of blanks in any material thicknesses and sizes, both PLEXIGLAS® XT from from 2.0 mm material thickness or PLEXIGLAS® GS. Our customer service will be happy to advise you.