Customer stopper

How do you stop your customers at the point of sale?
The best way is with our aluminium customer stoppers in DIN A1 or DIN A0 format, simply place them in the customer's path and they will automatically be guided to your shop ... Ideally.
The matching top sign for your customer stopper is also available as an option. Please also observe the local regulations for setting up advertising media such as poster stands or customer stoppers on public footpaths.
Customer stoppers or poster stands create attention-grabbing advertising at the point of sale!
Receive your customers in a professional manner. Mobile poster displays made of metal from VITAdisplays®. e.g. in DIN A1 format, provide for an effective presentation of your of your offer in the outside and inside area of your of your business.
Cleverly placed on the walkways of your potential customers, you can increase the visitor frequency in your shop or in your shop or restaurant. Customer stoppers made of made of aluminium, wood or stainless steel and are available in available.
But there are also regional regulations that the erection of customer stoppers, especially in the inner city area, especially in the city centre. You can find a small guide to the topic, using Berlin as an example, in our blog.